Q: Do you do over nights?

Ans: No, not at this moment. Our hours do go into the evenings until 7:00pm though.

Q: Where do the dogs pee?

Ans: We have designated pee areas for the dogs that have an artificial grass surface which is disinfected multiple times throughout the day. We will also be attaining dog walkers as we grow and hire more employees.

Q: Can I bring my dog’s food and/or medication?

Ans: Absolutely. We are more than willing to continue with your dog's daily regiment while they are visiting.

Q: Does a fight ever break out in daycare?

Ans: We have never had a dog on dog disagreement turn into a fight. All dogs that attend daycare are first assessed by our staff. Pet parents must also fill out a questionnaire before the dog is accepted in order for us to know as much as possible about every dog. Our dog's are constantly watched by our highly trained staff and any disagreement is redirected immediately.